KidVision Pre-K - A South Florida PBS Program

February 1, 2021

KidVision is an educational multi-platform program and resource from South Florida PBS. At KidVision online, you'll find FREE education resources that can be used at-home or online for virtual learning. The materials include FREE (English and Spanish) at-home worksheets for parents. There are also virtual multi-media projects that include virtual field trips and healthy habits. 

KidVision New Wordsteaches children vocabulary words; KidVision Healthy Habits: educates children on healthy habits; KidVision Music Time: brings music education right into children’s homes; KidVision Dance: bring dance education to your home. 

To enjoy any of the available virtual field trips or educational videos, head to South Florida PBS on YouTube. To sample a few of our publisher picks click on the image to view the video. 

Publisher's KidVision Pre-K Field Trip Picks
Publisher's KidVision Kreations Picks 
Publisher's KidVision Healthy Habits Picks 
The KidVision App

KidVision is an educational multi-platform program and resource from South Florida PBS. At KidVision online, you'll find FREE education resources on-air, online, and through the KidVision app.